Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move



My top five from this week’s WPC:


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

bb-ot1We played golf in Canberra this weekend, and this pink galah, in his lofty abode, was our audience on the 6th.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

bb-hb1It’s our habit, on a Saturday, to head out early for breakfast at our local, and then to the golf course for 18 holes.

We got more than we bargained for today – on the fourth, a thunderstorm so powerful in its rain and wind action that we struggled to run against it to seek shelter from the lightning spiking all around us. The golf course was flooded in a couple of minutes – it’s frightening how quickly the weather can turn deadly.

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Feeding Time on the Golf Course

“I think I spy a worm…

“Got it!” 

“Pssst, Horace, I think we’re being watched.”

“Oh for goodness sake, Edith, stop imagining things and eat your dinner…” 

“Mmm…I think I spy a plumper morsel over there…”

“nom, nom”

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