Weekly Photo Challenge: (A) kiss (to build a scream on)

No photo this week: I’m ambivalent about the whole kissing thing.

Sure, a kiss of any nature feels good (unless it’s from some lecherous golfing partner who’s intent on kissing instead of shaking hands) but then there’s that sound: like a dog licking itself or a person chewing with their mouth open – ewwww.

People kissing on the big screen or TV? Fine, just turn down the sound.

I thought this particular aversion was just another peculiar quirk of my ultra-cranky disposition,  until a few years ago when a young colleague expressed his mystification at why his wife would fly into a blind rage whenever their spaniel would do his daily licking grooming.

“Does she have the same reaction to people kissing on TV?” I asked.

“Yes!!” he shrieked.

I was onto something.

I did some research. Turns out, it’s a disorder (Of course. What isn’t?!). And it goes by the name of Misophonia.

In my case, these rage-inducing noises are limited to certain mouth sounds in others: teeth-sucking, open-mouthed chewing, licking, slurpy kissing, lip-smacking, spaghetti-sucking, finger-licking  (I guess you won’t be inviting me over for dinner any time soon, haha).

Actually, it’s not that bad – I don’t have to leave the room to deal with my neurological irrationality. Just wish I could use it to my advantage: I’d be soooo thin if I had the same reaction to the sound of my own chewing…

What about you? Are there any sounds that drive you beyond crazy?


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