Search Engine Poetry


orange worm in mandarin

bluebee militant


people’s shadows

picture of non living things never alive


what is hoohoooo

Richard Dawkins


large hadron collider

subatomic beauty


People look up some weird stuff, don’t they? (Just ask Tilly :))

So, a fun challenge for you this weekend – in the tradition of  Book Spine Poetry, create a Search Engine Poem of your own (or an artwork, Benedicte and Renee),  send me the link and we’ll have a vote on the weirdest and wackiest at the end of  the weekend.

To see all the search engine terms that found your blog in the last 30 days, go to Stats > Search Engine Terms > Summaries > 30 Days

PS –  how would one say  “orange worm” in Mandarin? The Good Greatsby, can you perhaps enlighten us? 🙂

The Same By Any Other Name

Names of affection,
(Little Eddie, Sweet Baboo)

projection and deflection,
(Camille, Flame, Agapanthus)

colours and food,
(Pumpkin, Bean, Red, Blu)

some, unmentionably rude 😉


Prompted by this post at Go Jules Go

Dreams of a Love Gourmand

He ate Suzi’s paella

and dreamed of Ipanema,

of romance in Marbella

and Rio de Janeiro

He ate Fleur’s rindless blue

his dreams were psychedelia

he dreamt he was Theroux,

da Vinci and Ophelia

He drank Ping’s green absinthe

and dreamt he was a fairy

with eyes as green as minthe

his wand, a blue canary

He ate Fang’s chou dofu

her durian, then balut,

and napped as King Shi Chu

at war with King Canute

He ate Ann’s cherry duck

nightmared of Gordon Ramsay

who served confit of muck

with jus of some philandery

Then came Maeve’s Irish Stew,

no dreams his sleep disturbed

and as he woke he knew

his food of love’d been served