Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

They say

we know
who we are
in adulthood –

not brother
not mother  –

a prosaic mosaic,
fragments of a self

but don’t ask me
to complete the picture –

time has lost
more than a few pieces

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

21 years married today –

cause for celebration,

wouldn’t you say?



Because it’s my wedding anniversary today, I’m celebrating my other half by posting some photos he took

on another day of celebration – NYE 2009

Sydney – NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

The next
train due to depart
platform 3
goes to

first stop – Gliese 581 g,
then all stations to Kepler-22b

*** And thanks to Jo Bryant for this award ***

When it comes to rules, I’m a bit like you, Jo, but I’ll join you for some pirate tea 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Once a yearon our 9-hour coastal journey south

we stop off for breakfast

at Narooma’s Quarterdeck Marina

home of fabulous retro kitsch

and the breakfasts of intrepid travellers

if a sudden gust blows in
fried-egg antimacassars

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

As is
so often the case,

I took
the photograph
first, then

Saw the water
messaged fresh across his

and I wondered then

if you were there
in the shade of the oaks
watching me

in distaste.