WPC: Joy

I confess, I love road trips, but only if there aren’t too many people involved in the planning, logistics and execution. I enjoy taking them with my mum – even though we disagree on a few fundamentals of life, we travel well together – and my husband, who is the subject of this photo. Travelling with the people I love is one of my great joys in life. imageFor more entries to this WPC, see The Daily Post.

Travelling Dogs

On the 600km journey –


she looks at flowers and clouds,

he computes mileage per litre,

she ponders the secrets of cows,

he remarks that it might storm later…


She sees the wire-pig mailbox,

he spies a snake on the road,

he surveys flood-plain paddocks,

she wonders if cows talk in code…


He thinks perhaps ‘Box of Frogs’,

she’d prefer peace for a while,

both laugh at the travelling dogs,

their windblown ears and their smiles.