Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

The Surfers’ Code – Manly Beach, Sydney

(The poem below is a re-post)

Suburban Summer

electric light show

rumbling closer,

scented star jasmine

mingling fragrance of rain,

thrum of cicadas

blending languid laughter,

glasses at the hills hoist

toasting vintage summer


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on a shimmering day,

I saw the sea fly up

Llandudno Beach

and swallow our sunwashed

detritus –

faded towels, Hang Ten slops, trashy

novels, footprints


as we scramble-watched

it from the boulders,

churning back out to the horizon

with the indigestion

of our lives,

not looking back

to wave

Sky Wars

Storm ions mass,

stir up old injuries,

swelling cats’ paws,

silencing cockatoos mid-screech.

In the particle zoo,

darker the light

settles stillness unsettling

like a spine tingle…


an electric spear is thrown,

punctures the tension.

Fat clouds, slow on the uptake,

grumble to rain

to wash it away.