Cherry on the top

My work meeting finished at 4pm. I still had minutes to type but was also due to meet a friend for dinner and the theatre at 6:30pm on the other side of The Bridge.

Anybody who lives in Sydney knows that trying to get across the Sydney Harbour Bridge by car into the city from 5pm onwards gobbles time. So I made the journey at 4 and typed the minutes here. A lovely way to end the work day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Finesse jetty and knots,
Rumble the motors’ power,
Slide past nodding yachts,
Skim glass at the golden hour.

The Sydney Harbourbb-tgh0is best explored by boat

bb-tgh2at sunrise

bb-tgh1If you’re not into boating, there are so many great walks around the harbour for all levels of fitness.

For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post. Here are my favourite five:


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Overcoming Bloglessness

Happy New Year

We ended what has been a rather mixed year


of highs and lows


in a very good place:



with precious family and wonderful friends on our beautiful harbour.

Happy New Year, Fellow Bloggers!

Hope you have a wonderful 2013

Thanks for your community.



How did you start the New Year?

For Frizztext – Traffic Solutions


Aussie Duck (waterbus) on Sydney Harbour

This is related to a recent post by Frizztext.

Frizztext, this is actually not a common mode of transport in Sydney but a tourist attraction – it’s an amphibious craft that would cost far too much to run as a regular transport option, but if they could make smaller personal craft like these, it would be a fantastic option in this city because of the size and reach of our magnificent harbour.