Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

These are pics from Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s highest mountain – taken last Christmas, would you believe, in the middle of our summer.

Mt Kosciuszko walk

We do get snow in this wide brown land, sometimes even in summer

Snow's a bit of a novelty for me

The stats - at 2228m, not quite Everest

A view from the summit

Homewards - and 6km to a chilled glass of champers

PS – I’m tired of all the gloom and doom in the world right now and having exorcised, over the last year, a few ghosts that had been hanging around for far too long, I’ll be posting alternative perspectives (if only, on occasion ;-)) via the weekly photo challenge.

Migrations In Memoriam

Autumn, we lay lines,
unfurling across alpine waters,
to flycatch a trout’s eye

we are copper lizards
on rocks trailing
the flowered creases
of Crackenback

Autumns and summers,
we zigzag
to the summit,
always a marking of sorts –
birthdays, deaths, waiting out
open-heart surgery –
from afar

A lifetime of seasons
ago – before I left –
you said
the mountain came down
and swallowed lives,
wanted me to know
that bad things happen elsewhere

as if somehow that would make
me see,

Now, it’s winter –
we’re making virgin
in snow
when the eye
of a raven catches
a gelid reminder
of these invisible scars –

the ley lines
that connect this place
to your passing