Search Engine Poetry: The Laughing Housewife

My linguistics professor would call it “spooky action at a distance, and, indeed, it is a sort of blogging quantum entanglement, a weird close encounter of the blogging kind.

I speak of The Laughing Housewife, a.k.a. Tilly Bud.

Not that I’m saying Tilly’s weird, you understand (although once you’ve read her Search Engine Poem, you might disagree) – what I’m referring to is the strange coincidence that although we’ve never met, and know of each other only through our blogging connection, twenty years ago we were in the very same room at the very same time. (You’ll have to read this post’s comments if you want to know more).

So, anyway, what to say about Tilly?

A monumental intellect, a resilience that’s instructive, and a sense of humour that can shine a light through the darkest disposition. Nothing can wipe the smile off her face.

Quite like a worldwide shortage of Maltesers (I suspect this (second photo) was one of those times),
dodgy punctuation and grammar
(any evidence of this in her found poem below is purely intentional),
or sycophants and flatterers (“no Maltesers for you!“).

She loves to cook, dance, sing, and do I’m-not-going-to-ask-what to the long-suffering Hub. 

But we forgive her all that ;-), because, besides making us laugh and being a loving mother, Tilly is an accomplished poet.

Not only has her poetic talent been showcased in poetry journals and other interesting places, but she’s also about to release what promises to be a very interesting book of poetry memoir, and has another (on poo) in the pipeline ;-).

In the meantime, here’s her entry to my Search Engine Poetry challenge.
(Warning – not suitable for those suffering from Chaetophobia)

girls that dont shave

a found poem for Bluebee

irish women don’t shave
welding women don’t shave
freak americans don’t shave

hairy women armpits
bushy sweaty arm pits
kerala housewife armpits

air in armpits, girls

————————-Thanks, Tilly! 😀 (let’s hope you never find yourself in the same room as these internet-search weirdos)———-

19 thoughts on “Search Engine Poetry: The Laughing Housewife

  1. I’m with Gabrielle . . . I must be a closet chaetophobiac because that poem makes me want to ACK! 😆

    Very cool that you and Tilly were in the same place at the same time . . . without a single internet search wierdo present (since they hadn’t even been invented yet).

    • ACK , indeed :-D. Yes, it’s funny to think that the public Internet was only in its infancy then but now it’s so embedded in our lives. And neither Tilly nor I still live on the African continent. Thanks, Nancy.

  2. I have just commented as follows on Tilly’s blog:

    ‘Hey, why am I not getting notification of your posts? According to the heading I am a fully-paid-up and accredited follower. Anyway, I was just wondering where you wos, as our local Injuns say, when a comment on my blog was from a blogger blogging on the subject of … YOU! And of a freaky incident concerning you, just to add to the synchronicity.’

    Bit weird, isn’t it? It was literally only minutes before I saw your comment that I started wondering how would be easiest to find a link to TIlly.

  3. I give Einstein plenty of credit, but really. How else to explain why I came home to a jury summons in my mailbox the day my son across the country told me he was off to jury duty? Now to Tilly’s blog.

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