In February, this little creature came into our lives.



Born in early November last year, he arrived from the breeder a bit worse for wear: our local vet confirmed he was underweight and treated him for an evidenced flea infestation and a suspected case of worms.


Little Mangy Mouse

But with lots of TLC (not to mention sleep and food)…

..he’s thriving.

Such a funny, sweet creature, who chirrups and chats away. Considering Mainecoons can reach up to 16kg, let’s hope he stays that way 🙂 .

Lena Maree

I think of my maternal grandmother,
(Chelsea buns, vetkoek, hugs to save the world)
passed some 30-odd years ago –
“Kari, Kari…”, her loving voice as I drift to sleep
and remember that stark day
she fell crossing the road
outside the Durban Museum

And I, five, thinking she was dead,

But she did not let go
of my hand, and smiled
in her usual, generous way
as strangers helped her to her feet.

Always the comforter of souls –
Sweet, wonderful Lena Maree.


WPC: Joy

I confess, I love road trips, but only if there aren’t too many people involved in the planning, logistics and execution. I enjoy taking them with my mum – even though we disagree on a few fundamentals of life, we travel well together – and my husband, who is the subject of this photo. Travelling with the people I love is one of my great joys in life. imageFor more entries to this WPC, see The Daily Post.

Weeky Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Big 5Oh!

bb-gm1bb-gm3“If one is lucky enough to be blessed with good health, growing older shouldn’t be something to complain about. It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming−make the most of it.”

Betty White

“Just remember that a 6-year-old would get tired from doing a lot of what you do. I don’t see no 6-year-olds walking the golf course! Hell no!”

My niece Jayde


Like any self-preserving 50-year-old, I partied yesterday so I could have today to recover

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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View


There is traffic
and, then, there
a galaxy. Traffic does not move
at the speed of light, like a flash
of rage. Step into space
without the gravity suit
and you will see
there is traffic
and the oh so important
corporate man
and, then, there is the universe. I don’t look

at the pegs as I hang
out the washing. I look
for you

beyond the moon.


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Is the scent

of an ancestor’s skull kicked
down a bush runway –
an elephant remembers

bones and dust,

the echo of hyena
comedy nights, jaws
on buffalo bones

chalk and dust,

a tall silhouette beyond the runway
a blind man – inhales the dusk
for ghost-lions
before crossing to light
the camp fire

blood and dust

in the dark, leopards
gaze at embers
of an ancient story

fate throws the bones,
a plane flies

into a hillside

flesh and blood,
bones and dust,

and creosote.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Science of Nostalgia: It was first thought to be a “neurological disease of essentially demonic cause,” but it turns out that nostalgia is good for your brain. And there’s science to prove it.
More of this article in The New York Times

My beautiful pictureI took this (rather overexposed) photo of my nieces cooking dinner around 20 years ago when we all still lived on the African continent. We had given one of them a children’s cookbook for Christmas, and they invited us over for dinner—a three-course meal—which they cooked using recipes from the book. They were such sweet, funny munchkins – still are 😉

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

imageEvery couple of years, my mum gets on a plane and travels 12,000kms across the globe to visit us. We always try to do a girlie road-trip to a different part of the country while she is here and, this year, we headed down to Thredbo, where she was able to cross ‘Standing in snow’ off her bucket list (and I made her eat some, just for good measure ;-)).

Above is us on our way down on the ski-lift after sinking into the lovely, powdery stuff below.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Coffee art - Pala Pizza, NYC

I sleep in; you are gone when I wake,
but here in our kitchen,

in the egg in the pan
to be boiled,
the GF bread
already once-toasted,
Vivalto Lungo
in the Nespresso machine (eat your heart out, George),

I find you

It is this that keeps me

these minutiae of love,
all the comfort
I need

A day at the office

Under the fluorescent lights,
she takes him
through the details of the report,
but he is undone
by her scent
and thinks, instead,
of them as one, his lips
on hers, silencing
the banality of profit peaks and dips;
of her sensible shoes carelessly
discarded in a tell-tale trail;
of liberating her
chastised fireball hair
into a cascading
mess across his chest;
of her  scent, illicit, on his thighs…
“Do you have any questions?”
He sighs ,
“Sorry, can you repeat that. I was distracted by the cost blowout in the 3rd quarter.”

Under the flourescent lights,
his devil-dark eyes
intoxicate her, the arousing effects
of his easy smile
and casual wearing of perfect clothes,
undiminished In the rude glare,
but, she knows
dreams of them are hopeless; he barely
notices her when they meet;
he isn’t even listening now as she speaks:
“Do you have any questions?”