Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

We’ve had this one before, and I am studying for an exam, so a re-post this week. For more entries to this week’s WPC, see The Daily Post.



is the breath between
life and death
the laughter between
the light and hereafter
the whispers
between love and fractures.

the glass reflections
float words consequential,
some, kind, reverential,
others, profane and mean,
drifting down, unseen,

on matchstick people
and their matchbox lives


breathing it in
like asbestos

Take care
with the words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Taken from the Top of the Standard Bar – NYC

I carry my little point-and-shoot digital camera for social occasions but prefer not to use the flash, so often use the high sensitivity settings but without a tripod. This makes for many unfocused photographs, but sometimes to surprising effect – 😀

Taken from the Top of the Standard Bar – NYC

Old Oaks

Young oaks, fresh-leafed

in naive acorn pride
stand tall in single file
guardians in memoriam

of those who died

– in Time –

gnarled with salt of tears
whorled in winds of sorrow
and furrowed with fires of rage
young grow old

in a different

toward the light, away from fear

with deferential bow
to a
Callery Pear

Buzzing around NYC

Look up

Empire State Building

New York by Gehry

Breakfast at Sarabeth’s Central Park South

Sarabeth's Central Park South

Cycle Central Park

Central Park

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Look out

West view from ESB

Subway Uptown, Downtown, East and West

NYC subway

Shop vintage at David Owens

David Owens - Lower East Side

Picnic on the High Line…

The High Line

..with food from the market at Grand Central Station

Food Market at Grand Central Station

Food Market at Grand Central Station

Explore Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Observe the passing parade in Times Square

Time Square

Times Square

Walk Uptown

Time Warner Center

Muse at the Met

Little Dancer - Edgar Degas

Tipple at the 18th Floor

The 18th Floor at The Standard

Dine at Pastis

Pastis bar

Look down (or not if you suffer from vertigo 🙂 )

One of many views from ESB

Cruise the Hudson

A Downtown view from the Hudson

Walk Downtown

Flatiron Building

Reflect at the 9/11 Memorial

North Pool and Performing Arts Center