I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Shanghai twice in the last 6 months for work. On my most recent trip there, I was lucky enough to be shown around by wonderful hosts, and so I got to see the some of the incredible architecture in the Pudong area for the first time.


This is the interior of the Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel from the top floor, a view not for the fainthearted.

23 thoughts on “Curve

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  2. Spectacular view in the hotel. Stunning and I can only imagine how you can feel standing underneath that in reality. Hope you enjoyed both trips. It sounds like both times were very much enjoyable although for work 😀

    • Hi Mabel – I don’t think I’d like to stay that high up, to be honest.
      Both trips were very interesting, thanks. I think that there’s nothing like travel to open one’s mind. 😃

    • I’m the same, Dianne. Couldn’t live up there or stay up there for any length of time.

      I read an interesting French expression yesterday – L’appel du vide – which translates to “the call of the void” to describe the urge many of us have to jump when we are high up looking down, also known as the “high place phenomenon”.

      This from the article: ‘As the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once observed, the emotion is so unsettling because of the way it “creates an unnerving, shaky sensation of not being able to trust one’s own instincts.”’

      Exactly! 🙂

      • I didn’t know it had a name, but – yes! I can’t walk close to a cliff edge because I feel like it’s trying to ‘drag’ me over the edge 😀 It’s the “the call of the void”! The only time I act on it is when I’m snorkeling on the reef and I get to the edge of the coral and see the drop into the Pacific which is like a big black hole. I swim over it and it causes my heart to thump like I’m about to fall, then I swim back and do it again (I’m weird!) LOL 😀

  3. brilliant photo – I thought I was looking upwards at first! Lucky you with all the travelling – I’m getting my passport soon and going on an ancient history study tour with the boy to Italy and Greece (for school) #woot

  4. Gulp! At first I thought – like Gabe – the photo was looking up. When I realized it was down, the reaction was physical. Incredible – almost impossible – construction.

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