Cherry on the top

My work meeting finished at 4pm. I still had minutes to type but was also due to meet a friend for dinner and the theatre at 6:30pm on the other side of The Bridge.

Anybody who lives in Sydney knows that trying to get across the Sydney Harbour Bridge by car into the city from 5pm onwards gobbles time. So I made the journey at 4 and typed the minutes here. A lovely way to end the work day.

27 thoughts on “Cherry on the top

  1. Beautiful way to end the work day indeed, BB. What a beautiful view too, and hope you had a great time at the theater with your friend. Smart of you to not get stuck in traffic. When you can, you always avoid it πŸ˜€

  2. Hi BB. What a great way to end the day. I did the same thing yesterday…left work early, went to the gym, and continued to work later at home. It felt so good!

    • It’s only getting worse in the Big Smoke. Glad I get to work from home and am not forced to go into the office most of the time. I’d be stark-raving mad.

  3. beautiful, relaxing – and so smart of you! Could that life preserver be the cherry on top? (Ho. You can’t imagine how long it took for me to think of the name for that round thing. I’m an inlander, after all.)

      • In my college years, when I was a lifeguard and swimming instructor, I had an intimate relationship with that thing…tossing it, and teaching others how to toss it, so it didn’t hit the drowning victim on the head but still landed within his/her reach…we called it a ring boo-wee…:-)

        • You are full of surprises, Cynthia – a woman of a great many talents.

          Boo-wee, that’s it. A very strange pronunciation to us non-American-English speakers

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