Crystal Fear

Photo by RIP - ©

Above the clouds
the raven circles

the world turns
us down
to a fleeting kiss
of ground
in capricious wind’s riddle –
How to unstick gravity?

                      Pull up!
Pull up!

Maximum speed
unbraking hearts arrested
by clarity
a stark reality
in the whispering
of slow-motion minds –

Are              we                  unstuck?

And the raven hovers
and the world turns
and fear takes flight


Do I not care or
like others before
deny it’s the end
of my world turning?

Then the raven flies south
on flouncing wind
to drown brown lands

And so
we land

on a world
without end

26 thoughts on “Crystal Fear

    • Thanks, Charles. At times like these I do think of the pilots as “those magnificent men in their flying machines” – their skills and level-headedness are to be admired

  1. A cracker of a poem. The introductory lines are like a haiku (rooku I suppose 😉 ) and could easily stand alone. Same with the last 3 lines. The title is fantastic. Sounds like a scary trip – I would have been a mess (I was once in a plane to Perth for work and it couldn’t land because of turbulence – we went up and down, round and round for hours – horrible).

    • “rooku” – haha, thanks, Gabe – I think going round and round for hours is worse (not to mention vomit-inducing). In this case the back wheels just touched the ground and immediately we went straight up again. Apparently with the sudden wind change there was a chance we would have otherwise gone off the end of the runway (into the sea).

      I say the pilots (highly skilled) deserve the increase they are asking for, unlike the (gouging) pollies who have just been given one (a kick in the butt would be more appropriate).

  2. I like your poetry as well as your photography. I tried to become a pilot once, but did not trust myself. My mind wanders too much while I’m in the air. I admire those who have the discipline to keep their eye on the sky.

    • Thanks, Thomas – I admire pilots immensely, too. This particular photo was taken by my late maternal grandfather (RIP, his initials) over 40 years ago – he took his camera everywhere 🙂

      I know what you mean about the mind wandering. I have “piloted” a glider for a short spell (under the very watchful eye of its owner) and that was enough to do my head in, and I know I would never be any good at life-and-death type work.

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