Unsung Heroes

in the riots of  ’76,

in the shadows of ’77,

through the dark and bitter end:

Not sacrificing themselves
for a cause,

these ordinary men,

just rescuing
our hopes,
one act at a time.

Photo by RIP - © beeblu

Photo by RIP – © beeblu

25 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes

  1. I just finished watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower . . . with the theme song of “we can be heroes just for one day.” 😀

    Here’s to the hero in all of us.

  2. There are so many heroes we never hear about – they are the ‘quiet achievers’. I totally agree with you about people who play sport, this doesn’t make them a ‘hero’ and they shouldn’t be treated like rock stars…’infuriating’ is certainly the right word here.

    • Yes, the quiet achievers do it for the right reasons. I look at what went on with our Olympic swimmers, Matthew Johns a few years ago, the current allegations of match-fixing, drug-taking, etc in the football world here, and the downfall of people like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods and think that society has got it really wrong in the way it puts these people on pedestals just because they excel at sport.

      • I remember years ago I met a ‘famous’ Australian footballer who acted like a rock star – I won’t mention his name here 😉 He was rude and arrogant and basically said to people ‘don’t you know who I am? I’m the hero of the side!’ I think footballers in particular come into fame far too young and it goes to their heads. They love the adoration and have too much money to buy drugs and grog.

        You’re so right about putting people on pedestals just because they excel at sport. Okay, you can hit or kick a ball – but that doesn’t necessarily make you a ‘hero’ or a worthwhile human being…

  3. I read a quote some time ago to the effect that a hero is someone who does something brave despite being afraid. Therefore sportmen/women do not count. Nice one, BB!

    • Ah, a field of lavender! What a great idea – I think I might try and fashion some lavender art to go on my blog header, along with my bee. Thanks, Benedicte!

  4. Lots of unsung heroes recently with our floods – people doing amazing things with great courage and then just disappearing into their anonymity 🙂 your last stanza is a great ending – really effective and I adore the photo

    • Times of disaster show the true mettle of people – I cannot imagine what it would be like to experience the kind of flood that you have. Thanks, Gabe (the photo is of my dad, taken by my grandfather many years ago :-)).

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