Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol


Bob—my minion, courtesy of my husband—is a symbol of my excesses:

Too much chocolate and champagne: I, like Bob, am a candidate for the cakewalk rather than the catwalk.

Too much grieving: my father, who was affectionately called Bob (not his real name) by our extended family, died 13 years ago, but his ghost still looms at dawn.

Too strange a sense of humour: dark, subversive, and sometimes toilet.

And now I’m laughing too long and too loud.

Have a silly weekend.


For more entries to this week’s WPC, see The Daily Post.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

  1. I think most of us are minions at heart 🙂
    I love that expression … a candidate for the cakewalk rather than the catwalk … I’m going to have to remember that one!

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  3. looking again at this post, BB, I find we share a lot – chocolate and champagne, too much grieving – I know your poems about your father – and a subversive slant on life – silliness is a good balance

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