End of a Dream

C-sharp minor

plays through the eaves

of this house,

wind-cold emptiness, the ambient noise

of destruction

where laughter once lived,

Shoji, last opened to plum-blossom whispers,

now lachrymose with silent


a bird singing for


21 thoughts on “End of a Dream

    • Thanks, Adeeyoyo – the people and animals there are suffering unbelievably – it must be terrifying for survivors who have no prospect of going back to their homes or livelihoods

  1. I love the beautifully portrayed emotion of this piece. It says so much with so little. Perfect description of the feelings of longing and nostalgia with understated elegance.

  2. Wow, brilliant poem – lean and mean – the situation is never ending and just so horrible (and now with radiationn in the fish, the destruction is moving further and further away from the mainland)

    • Thanks, Gabrielle – the neverending aspect of it is really the stuff of nightmares and must be having a terrible impact on the national psyche there – and, as you have pointed out, it’s effects are moving beyond Japan. 😦

  3. Beautiful poem. I think emptiness might be the most fearful thing of all, Bluebee, for this people struck by the worst nature can hurl at them. You’ve summed that up so well.

    • Thanks, Kate – it’s that stripping away of all someone has known: the daily rituals and habits that unconsciously bring comfort and structure to our lives – it’s hard to comprehend how that must feel.

  4. This is soooo beautiful!! Music/wind and shoji!

    Sad, but encompassing life! Plums open first, then cherries.

    Beautiful, Bluebee. And EXCELLENT poem…made me cry.

    Lady Nyo

    • Thank you, thank you for your response, Lady Nyo – I know these events are a great sadness for you. I watch in grave fear for the people of Japan and hope their resilience will prevail. On a personal level, I have to tell you a vaguely bizarre fact of my life is that this country and culture that informed my childhood daydreams from the age of 6 is one I’ve yet to visit in all my global travels (my childhood bedroom in Africa was full of oriental furnishings and pictures and if you asked me then what I wanted to be, it was “Japanese” 🙂 ). So, I am committed to going elsewhere this year, but next year, Japan has to move to the top of my TTDBID list (things to do before I die). bb

  5. Perhaps we walk with the Japanese by such expressions, and perhaps we can set up a small shrine to bring our thoughts to this devastated nation.

    I have, and it helps.

    Lady Nyo

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