Platitude Pyre

I try to keep warm
in the memory of you

But within embered years
a cold truth lies
beneath aphoristic ashes –
“Time heals all wounds”,
“This too shall pass” –

Over my dead body, perhaps.

34 thoughts on “Platitude Pyre

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  2. Love the “embered years” and everything else about this poem. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. First a belly laugh – the crying can come later.

    • Thanks, Tilly. When my dad died, I was relieved that his suffering was over – 10 years on I realise that the pain of his absence has, in many ways, grown more acute

  3. I really, really like “Platitude Pyre,” Bluebee. Yeah,
    β€œTime heals all wounds”,
    β€œThis too shall pass” –

    Over my dead body, perhaps.
    What a great, clever spirit you have.

  4. Wonderful write, Bb. Everything’s been said already… I love it and most of all the first two lines which brings to mind how I hold them ever close to me in ther love. Of course, all the trite platitudes and your shocking last line which puts them into perspective is nothing short of brilliant.

    • Thanks, Richard! Your comment has raised some questions for me because the original title I had for this poem was ‘They Say’ but I had not (or do not recall ever having) read this poem of Emily Dickinson’s until now…quite bizarre, really

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